Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New name

I have decided to call my blog...A Scarlet Cord Of Hope. That is the title of my book. We all struggle with our own scarlet cords and we all need HOPE. I know for me, my own scarlet cord held me back from being the woman I am today. Isn't that just what the enemy wants. To hold us back....keep us immobilized. If we constantly live in a state of guilt, shame and fear, then we are frozen in many ways.

I confess it is hard to share openly about things of my past. While I do realize the past is the past and I do accept the forgiveness of Christ, its still a part of me. I have always said that while I did not have any serious consequences to some of my choices, I still have my memories. Sometimes I wish when we repent and move forward in life that we could also get a little eraser as well. On the other hand those memories have made me think twice about choices I have. Something our pastor once said regarding a boundary or a "fence"...."before you cross it you better check why the fence was there in the first place". Wise words!

Something very valuable that I have learned over the years of sharing my story with others is that we all have a scarlet cord (AKA skeletons in our closet) and the more I share, the more I realize I am not alone. Everyones cord is a little different but the point is no one is perfect and the more open we are with each other the more we can offer hope to each other. The subject matters I share in my book are definitely not easy to share. The more I share, the more I understand and the more freedom I seem to gain. A few chapters in my book deal with....alcoholism, divorce, sexual promiscuity, abortion, abuse (physical, emotional and verbal), family relationships, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, and much more. Rest assured though, that it does have a "happy ending"...although I will always be stretching and growing and learning until my last breathe.

While I did not like the process that brought me to my healing and moving forward, I see why it had to happen the way it did. That process included severe panic attacks and anxiety. I thought I was dying. I have had to dig deep and it has been hard and scary at times. In the end though God is good and showed me very clearly through my writings that He was there all along. This is evident through the scriptures that I felt led to include in each chapter.

I hope that someday you will begin to see your scarlet cord as a reminder of the blood that Christ shed for you and that you have the ability to receive grace, mercy and forgiveness. The scarlet cord does not have to remind us of our past or fill our hearts and minds with shame, guilt and fear. It is a sign of a redeemed life!


  1. Sheryl,

    Your new title is very appropriate. You have committed to sharing your trials with others so that they too may cut through that scarlet cord of despair. A cord of hope binds your trials together as if a finishing touch to a lovely ending (or should I say the closing of a chapter)

    You are a good friend, a devoted wife & mother, and a good example of how we are to trust the Lord to use our pain for His Glory. Thank you for your words.

  2. I told you what I thought of your book. It is so heart warming. It's hard to understand when you haven't lived it. But you make it so clear.

  3. The past is the past, but I happen to think it is part of the present as well. I/we would not be the people we are today if it were not for our past. Thanks be to God The Father that I/we are not chained to that past!


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