Friday, July 1, 2011

31 Days of Hope...Day 1

Welcome to our first day together as we journey towards HOPE for 31 Days.

My heart is full of anticipation and hope as I begin this blogging challenge. I have never participated in anything like this before. I have always preferred not being tide down to a specific day or time frame to write blogs.  I am an relational writer and relational writers have to relate or experience something in order to write. I instantly develop writers block when I consider writing a piece of fiction or on a topic I am not passionate about.

I attend a Writers Group that meets twice a month.  One week is critic and the other is creative writing.  Whenever we have a creative writing exercise that has to do with fiction or we are given a topic that I can not relate to, I struggle through it.  I feel as if I have grown in this area however, I don't enjoy it and for that simple reason, I am looking at this opportunity to stretch and grow in my writing.  I have also looked at this month as a "fast" of sorts. My hearts desire is to drawer nearer to the Lord and connect more with those who are reading this onto HOPE!

As I was praying about 31 Days of Hope, I was reminded once again, that God always has a purpose and a plan.  God is intentional in every detail.  Today, July 1st marks our first day into 31 days.  Today is also the day I am speaking at Lighthouse Church, in Farmington, New Mexico.  For the past five years my family has been invited to Farmington, my husband helps an affiliate radio station (KPCL Passion Radio) with  a fundraiser for Passion Play International Ministries. Last year when we came, I was honored and blessed to speak at three churches.  This year, we were a little late in organizing our details, so it looked as if I wouldn't have a speaking opportunity. Through a series of conversations and God ordained details, I spoke with David Velasquez, who connected me to Pastor John Shrock of Lighthouse Church. Lighthouse Church is a Messianic Jewish church.  If I had spoken at Lighthouse last year, I would have enjoyed it and appreciated the experience.  For those who may not know; I am going to Israel in the fall.  In light of my involvement with a Biblical Study Program that culminates with two weeks in Israel, it is more than I could have hoped for to have this opportunity today, especially on this first day of Hope!

If you are feeling hopeless about something in your life today, please let me encourage you, God has not forgotten you.  God always has a purpose and a plan.  God is always intentional. God is our HOPE and we have not been forgotten!

"Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands" Isaiah 49:16a

Here is a song to keep on your mind all day...There is HOPE and you are not forgotten!

I am Not Forgotten (video and lyrics)


  1. Beautiful! Ready to see how this month unfolds...and we can discuss in full in ISRAEL!

  2. Thank you for that sweet reminder. I love that song!

  3. Looking forward to blogging alongside you Sheryl! I'm excited for how God is using you to write and speak His Words to others!


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