Friday, May 3, 2013

Poems by Kara Coats

In honor of the event Choose Healing  on June 7th and 8th in Peytonsville, TN (click here for more information) my friend Kara Coats has written two poems.  

If you have abortion in your past and you have felt the affects of regret, guilt, shame, please know there is hope!  

There we were
Sitting in that office
Waiting our turn
Afraid to be there
Afraid to leave
Afraid to make a choice
Afraid not to

Maybe it was pride or selfishness or even
Someone else’s idea
But, for whatever reason
We were there

We went in together
And I came out alone
More alone than I have ever been
That feeling has never left me
Your memory is still with me
And it never leaves my heart
I have even tried to leave it behind
Filling myself with emptiness and lies
And there you are
Quietly rolling down my cheek
I miss you

If I could go back
I would carry you out of there and never leave you!
I would stand up to anyone trying to tell us
What to do and say no!
I would hold you in my arms
And I would keep you safe from harm
And we would be together
And I would wipe away your tears

Kara Coats 2013

He Was a Daddy
Maybe he insisted it be done
Maybe he allowed it to be done
Maybe he tried to stop it from being done
Or maybe he was given no choice and
It was already done
He was a daddy

Maybe he panicked
Maybe he caved
Maybe he stood up and said, “Don’t do this thing!”
Or maybe he didn’t even know til it was
Too late that he was a daddy

What if he could go back and change what happened?
What would he change?
The beginning?
The middle?
The end?

The truth is he can’t change even one small thing
And the truth is one small being did not
Get the chance to make memories on this earth
But he will never forget
He was a daddy

His heart reminds him of what never got to be
His head reminds him of what might have been
But his Heavenly Father reminds him that
Heaven is forever
And he IS a daddy

Kara Coats 2013

One day at a time, one moment at a time, there is always HOPE

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