Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Past Choices and the Power of Forgiveness

January 22, 2013 marked forty years since abortion became legal in the United States.  This December, will mark thirty two years ago, since my first abortion.  This is not something I am proud about, nor is it something I would choose ever again. 

When I speak on the topic of Forgiveness I share my testimony on abortion and learning to walk through forgiving others, forgiving myself, and learning to accept God's forgiveness.

I had the opportunity to share a little bit of my testimony on this topic during the morning show on 94Fm The Fish. Here are the links to the two breaks we did.  Sharing with Doug and Jaci on The Fish part 1 and Sharing with Doug and Jaci on The Fish part 2

During the interview I mention a retreat I went on with a small group of women who also had abortion in their past.   If you have abortion in your past, I highly recommend attending this retreat or a similar program.  Click here for more information on this retreat.

Because of my ministry and writing style, the blogs I write always have a personal touch from my experiences, things I have learned, or a subject that has touched my heart in some way.  In February 2011, I posted a blog about being pro-life but having abortion in my past, if you missed it here is the direct link for that blog I am Pro Life but...

Here is another link to a blog I wrote in February 2012, titled Life After Abortion.

One final thought...If you are in the middle Tennessee area I would like to invite you to a FREE event on March 16, 2013.  This is an all day conference for women...A Time to Hope; A Time to Heal.
Please click here for the Website and here for the Facebook Event Page

As always...One Day at a Time, One Moment at a Time, There is Always Hope!

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