Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ted Williams and More...

Ted Williams is a name that started floating around facebook and Youtube, and within hours he has gone from being a homeless man who begged for handouts on street corners, to instant fame and job offers pouring in.  He has been thrust into a media flurry.  He was on the Today Show, as well as other TV and media outlets.  It seems as if the whole world is suddenly cheering for him.  Ted is a man who had a love and passion for radio and voice work. God has gifted him with an amazing voice.  He had a successful career and family life.  Somewhere along his path though, drugs and alcohol took over.  He lost everything he had, his career, his family, his possessions, and his dignity.  He has been living on the streets begging, stealing, and doing things most if us would never dream of doing.  Two years ago he knew he needed to make some desperate changes and he entered a recovery program.  After one year of sobriety he felt he was still missing something...he knew he needed to fill the hole he felt inside.  He began acknowledging and thanking God for all he has, all he had, and for his life. That was two years ago.

I am one of those who is cheering for him.  I am also burdened for him.  I know that those who face addictions in their life, face the temptation day by day, and sometimes, minute by minute.  I know how easy it seems for an alcoholic or a drug addict to think they have it under control, if they are choosing to continue in their addiction. The reality is, if they are continuing to drink or use drugs, they don't have anything under control, and it is apparent to everyone around them except them.  Unfortunately though, this can easily become an issue that no one else wants to face either.  It's easier sometimes to live the lie with them.  It also becomes convenient to believe the "wolf in sheep's clothing" (see my blog titled Wolves in Sheep Clothing for more on this topic).

If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol or drugs please know there is hope and help. The key is that the person struggling has to be willing to admit it and seek help.  You can not want it more than they do.  It wont work. I know this very well.

I recently posted a status on facebook that said, "It's OK not to be OK"...the response via comments and emails showed me more than ever, we all struggle with putting on the "happy face" to those around us, but inside we are not OK, and its OK to say we are not OK,. But, then we also must be willing to face it and do something about it.  Ted Williams was at the bottom of the pit for ten years before he was willing to seek help and find hope.

Remember to hold onto to this thought if you are praying for a loved one who has an addiction..."As long as there is breathe there is hope".

O God, You know my foolishness; And my sins are not hidden from You 
Psalm 69:5

now here is the HOPE...

Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away, behold new things have come   2 Corinthians 5:17

*please visit my web site for information on possible resources for help

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