Monday, December 6, 2010

Second Hand....

Last week I heard an interesting interview on Midday Connections. The women were talking about the kind of legacy we leave for our children and they challenged listeners to consider, as we all know, second hand smoke does affect those around us, but what about our second hand; attitudes, behaviors, habits, motives, interactions, and fears, etc.

While this can be very convicting on many levels as you consider this, I encourage you to let this move you towards a place of healing and wholeness....a place of change.  It can be a call to get rid of some "stuff" so that our children don't have to carry the same second hand "issues" into their homes (and so on and so on).

This is a reflective opportunity for us to recognize all of our attitudes, behaviors, habits, motives, interactions, and fears, do matter and our children are watching and learning from us. Knowledge is power and we have the opportunity to reflect right now and allow ourselves to be honest (even if the honesty hurts).  The key then, is to be willing to change.  All changes start first with an acknowledgment.

Let's truly consider our legacy and all of the second hand "issues" we are leaving unchanged for future generations. What strong holds are we passing down?  Again I encourage you do not allow this to be a time of "beating yourself up" but rather an opportunity to become aware and pro active.  Be willing to do the "heart work" to set the stage for generations of HOPE!

One day at a time, one moment at a time...there is always HOPE

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