Monday, February 20, 2012

New Windows

I never thought I would be excited over new windows, however, today our home received NEW WINDOWS and they are beautiful.  Our home is older, built in the 80's, and the windows were original (that is something else I never thought I would consider-older is the 80's).  A few windows were stuck shut and unable to open and all the windows had major drafts in the winter.  I had a bag of rags I kept in the garage and every winter I would place them on the top and bottom of each window in an attempt to keep the heat in.  I am sure with the Tennessee humidity and heat we have in the summer, we lost a lot of cool air in the summer through those little drafts as well. 

Even though I diligently placed the rags on the window sills, I know the rags did not completely cover the cold draft or keep our cool air in during the summer.  I look forward to seeing our next heat and air bill (something else I never thought I would say) The rags acted like a band aide to something that really required surgery. The rags worked for a season and I am grateful that season is over. I know we will see a significant difference in our bill and we have added value to our home.

How often in our spiritual lives do we place rags where a serious repair or investment needs to be done.  The rag can cover something and even help a little, however the root or underlining need is still there.  For example a quick prayer is better than no prayer, but a quality prayer time is best.  Or what about reading our Bibles, maybe we read a devotion or a christian book, which is good and needed however, digging deep into God's word should be a priority.  How about fellowship, are you intentional and willing to take your mask off or do you have walls built around you in fear of rejection?

There are seasons in our life when all we can do is place a cover up on a much needed repair and the Lord knows our heart and motive.  However, when the Lord opens the door for the repair or investment I encourage you to make sure and take full advantage of  it and enjoy the benefits of digging deeper in a new season!

"And do not be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, which is good and acceptable and perfect"  Romans 12:2

Ps I would like to thank  Randolph Moore from Centurion Stone & Exteriors for our beautiful new windows!  click here for information


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