Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Am on a Snow Path

In the state that we live in, we are able to experience all four of the seasons. Fall is my favorite season. I love the feel of the weather changing, the slight crispness in the morning to the warm afternoons. I love the colorful changes in the leaves and the way they fall to the ground so gracefully when they are done.

Right now we are in the winter season. Winters here can be cold and bare. If we are lucky we have a few snow days from school. The typical snow day from school usually amounts to a few flurries, ice, or some scattered snow that doesn't leave much to even make a small snowman. Every once in a while we have an exception. Yesterday was an exception. I would estimate we have at least 5-7 inches of snow. I love the way the snow illuminates everything in the darkness. The snow is pure and fresh looking. In its beauty you can also see every flaw. You can see every foot step that stepped upon it. Nothing is hidden from sight.

This made me think about our lives and our hearts. I think people are good at covering up or hiding the "foot prints" that have marked our lives. I know I have been in the past. It's like a protective wall.  I have to remind myself that my past does not dictate who I am today. It has always made me cringe a bit when I meet someone and they assume that I have had (and currently have) a picture perfect life. WOW! That is so far from the truth!

I am in a place now where I have put myself on a completely snow/ice filled path. Everything is illuminated. I would like to say it’s completely my choice but to be honest it hasn't been. It was God directing and leading me to this point. It has been at times very scary for me because I feel so vulnerable. It seems when I feel this way God in His perfect timing places someone right in my path to encourage me or tell me how my story has encouraged them and given them HOPE.

Its time to stop allowing our scarlet cords of guilt, shame, and fear to dictate how we can live for today. It’s never too late. Take it one step at a time. One moment at a time. Be pro-active and don't be afraid to march forward and hold tight to HOPE. Not everyone is called to the "snow path" but I can promise you there is freedom if you are. Sometimes it might mean sharing with only one person. Other times it might mean sharing with many people. Sometimes it may mean asking forgiveness or forgiving someone.  There is freedom in truth. There is freedom in acknowledging something and then moving forward. 

Today is a new day! Yesterday does not mean today will be the same.

One day at a time, one moment at a time, there is always HOPE!

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  1. Thanks Sheryl,
    I just reopened our facebook acct. and was reading your blog. Your blogs have such meaning to them, things that I know and feel in my heart but am not able to put into words. Thanks for sharing what God has given you.


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